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 Classmates Now  Updated: July 13, 2013


Grandma Didi (Diane Doyle Stites), daughter, Gretchen, granddaughter, Quinn, plus one in two weeks.

We are celebrating at baby shower. 7-5-13

Diane Doyle Stites grandsons Max (rt) 10, and Cole (lft) 8.



Betsy's mother Ginny Ricketts (age 94 good genes) and Dan and Betsy (Levy) Patterson



Paul Smythe


Sharon Spears Foss and husband Dave early
December 2012 at the Marriott in Newport Beach.









SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY AT IT'S FINEST!!! A special Thank You to Gayle Frey Welsh and her husband Mark for hosting a get together with Dan & Betsy Patterson, Ginny Ricketts (Betsy's 94 year old mother), Tim Bonner, Dick & Birdie Warren and Bob & Sheryl Chase January 9, 2013. 


Dan Patterson, Tim Bonner, Dick Warren and Bob Chase

          Dan Patterson, Tim Bonner, Dick Warren and Mark Welsh

         2012 Santa and Mrs. Claus (Caroline Andrews Mitchell and her husband Dick).

Tom with his daughters Jill, Julie and Granddaughter Chantal (Mom is Julie).


Tom Solheim's grandsons. This is a cute picture from last summer of the boys dressed

for their baseball games in Central OR. Hunter is 8 in blue and Tucker is 6 in red!

To view Denny Randall's 2012 Christmas letter, please click on
the following link:
Denny Randall Xmas Letter2012.pdf



Portland Tribune and Community Newspapers - Doing good deeds one pint at a time 8/27/12 9:24 AM


by: REVIEW PHOTO: JORDY BYRD - Dale has given more than 31 gallons of blood in almost 50 years of donating.Doing good deeds one pint at a time


Published on Wednesday, August 22, 2012 | Written by Jordy Byrd |


Kenneth Dale has donated 31 gallons of blood


His father had recently passed away. Kenneth “Ken” Dale, now 68, remembers his father donating blood when he was a child. During World War II, he even donated twice in one week. His father led by example.


He inspired Dale, and soon another man — another generous man — would inspire him to donate blood, a lot of blood. It was 1964. Dale was 20 years old. Because he was younger than 21, he needed a signed consent note from his mother to donate blood.


A young man on staff at the Portland Red Cross drove Dale in his red and white Chevy Impala all the way from the Ross Island Bridge to Lake Oswego and back so Dale’s mother could sign the consent release.


“The guy just gave me a ride, but he had a major impact on me,” Dale said, sitting in the shade and waiting to donate blood at the New Life Church. “In doing so, he told me how valuable each pint is.


Last Saturday, Dale donated his 250th pint — just more than 31 gallons — of blood to the Red Cross. It’s quite the accomplishment for this long-time Lake Oswego and West Linn resident. But like most good deeds, his lifetime of donating has gone mostly unnoticed.


Dale’s father moved to Lake Oswego in 1923. Back then, Dale said, the Oswego Lake Country Club golf course was a dairy. His father loaded cement trucks and always told his son he was “too young for World War I and too old for World War II.”


Dale was born in 1944. He said he went to school when there was only one schoolhouse in town and rode the first school bus in 1950. Next month, Dale will be back at the dairy turned golf course for his 50th reunion from Lake Oswego High School.


He went to St. Olaf College in Minnesota and started donating blood regularly as a freshman. He joined the United States Air Force in 1966 and became a missile launch officer.


“At first I thought I couldn’t donate blood in the Air Force,” he said. “Then I found out you just couldn’t do it 24-hours

before a mission.”


So Dale donated the maximum amount of blood possible — five times a year. He was in the military just shy of six years. He moved back to Lake Oswego in 1972 and then to West Linn in 1992.


Today, he works as a part-time insurance inspector in West Linn. He donates the maximum six times a year or once every eight weeks. He said the Red Cross used to give donors cards with the names and faces of people his donation helped.


He used to carry one such card in his pocket. He has since lost it, but Dale said the photo was of “a little kid with leukemia, the cutest little kid in the world.” Mentioning the card still makes him teary. Dale said he donates blood for the obvious reasons: altruism, a free physical six times a year and free cookies at the end.


“It’s such a simple thing to do and it has such a great benefit,” he said. “Every unit typically helps three people.”


Dale has donated consistently for almost 50 years. He says eminent death is the only thing that will keep him from

donating. Death is the only thing that will keep him from eating raisin oatmeal cookies and drinking apple juice once every eight weeks in churches and blood drives and grocery stores throughout the West Linn and Lake Oswego area.


He acknowledges his accomplishment, and like his father before him, Dale hopes to lead by example.


“It’s so easy to do to help other people,” Dale said. “The pain is incidental, and it’s knowing in your heart you’re doing

something right — giving back, making things better than you found them.”



Classmates Ray Pardo & Tim Minor with wives Yoli & Melinda at Port Hadlock's famed
Ajax Cafe on June 5th, 2012. Hats and tie courtesy of the Ajax.



           Tim and Melinda Minor at OSU game.    3/2012                              Yoli and Ray Pardo Sailing 3/2012








Here is the photo by my son-in-law of a recent beautiful, very early morning session - he caught both the sun casually midway ready to pop up to glowing and me also casually midway ready to pop up to standing and slide down the right face of the small wave. -- Doug Honeyman



Adrian and Shinobu Dawson in London for Christmas with their first grandchild, Oscar!




                                                               Harrods Village

While Dan and Betsy Patterson were attending the RV Rally in Redmond, Oregon in July 2011,
they had a get together with the following people:

Front Row: Birdie Kling Warren, Marna Smith Griffin, Betsy Levy Patterson, Bonnie Hagan, Bartnik

Back Row:  Jeff Griffin, Dan Patterson and Glenn Bartnik

                                          Lee Helstrom with his "catch and release" fish.

Becky Robins Parker and her new grandson born 8-26-11



Paul Smythe swimming with the dolphins in Cabo in the spring 2011 and in Key West, FL




















Rigg Christianson July 4, 2011.  Three friends rode to the top of Black Mountain 8965 Feet, eastern Idaho.
The Bridger mountains of Wyoming are in the background, they will have to wait 2 to 4 weeks as 10,000+ feet, still to much snow.

 Beckie Robins Parker at this years Kentucky Derby 2011




















Mike Miller had lunch with Ernie and Jean Anderson today (May 4, 2011) at the Heart Attack Grill in Chandler, AZ. Jean took their picture with a couple of the waitress's.
















  Doug Honeyman surfing in Ventura, CA February 2011.

Preparing for the next reunion!!!

Good grief!   Does this stuff EVER come off?
We are having some fun in Idaho.  February 2011.
(Didi, Barb and Marilyn)
(Diane Doyle Stites, Barbara Terry and Marilyn Bake Frazier)

This is our Carrizozo Market Christmas card.......postcard drawn by local artist Rick Geary, famous for his whimsical sketches in Mad Magazine and several other periodicals.. we were blessed to have him do this for us! I converted the regular post card into a Christmas greeting!


Store is doing great! Life is good. Hard work, but good. Wishing all a great New Year!

Suzi DuVall Wolfe


Beckie Robbins Parker with her 2 granddaughters Christmas 2011 and her

granddaughters in their Oregon shirts...their Dad played at Oregon in the 80's.

Yoli & Ray Pardo
Tony, Cynthia, Charlie & Lenora
Francesca, Bruce, Katie & Tessie
Christmas 2010 in Manchester, Washington


My Workout: Writer/publisher makes it a point to do something physical every day

Published: Tuesday, October 12, 2010, 4:54 PM     Updated: Tuesday, October 12, 2010, 5:02 PM

Nancy Dow, The Oregonian

Who: Randall Stickrod, 66, Portland; 6 feet, 1 inch, 212 pounds

Workout: A writer and publisher, Stickrod also is a science buff with a degree in physics. He does something physical every day. Every other day he bench-presses 225 pounds during an intense 30-minute weight workout. After hitting all the major muscle groups, he moves on to a gymnastics routine. He uses rings and bars to work on flexibility, control and core strength. On alternate days he runs. "Never more than a mile or two," he says, "but at a pretty good pace." He doesn't believe much more than that is really necessary for optimum fitness, but for good measure he also hikes, climbs and plays basketball.

He says he's always been exercise- and nutrition-conscious and as a result, "I can't think of anything I could do at 26 that I can't do at 66. I believe strength is a critical defense against aging." He also believes that exercise trumps diet; that a regular workout will make up for a number of diet evils but that it doesn't necessarily work the other way around.

Move it or lose it: Stickrod is co-author, with Stanford Medical School's Dr. Walter Bortz II, of the recently published "The Roadmap to 100 -- The Breakthrough Science of Living a Long and Healthy Life." His mantra, as stated in the book, is "Move! Move whatever is movable. Rejoice in your gift of movement. Walk. Run. Fidget. Put your joints to work. Jump (when was the last time you jumped?). Bend. Stretch. Throw your arms over your head. Swim. Play ball. Any kind of ball."

Nutrition: He loves to cook. He's the cook of the house in addition to doing the planning and grocery shopping. Fruits and vegetables are a major part of his diet, along with fish and fowl. He eats red meat only occasionally. Breakfast is usually an egg, toast, juice and fruit. For lunch he grazes on cheese and crackers, nuts, the odd cookie. Dinner always includes a glass of wine (usually red) and something green. He consumes no soda or fast food but has a notorious sweet tooth. "Not many evenings pass without serious chocolate," he says, "and a really good cinnamon roll is a sensual pleasure." Supplements, on the other hand, are mostly a waste, he says. "In Defense of Food," by Michael Pollan, tops his list of recommended reading.

Carol (McMonagle) Ellis  and her husband  Duane Ellis were involved in the "Fifty For Five New Orleans Trip".

In August, 2010 Rebuilding Together South Sound had the chance to be part of something big. It has been 5 years since Hurricane Katrina devastated the city of New Orleans. In many neighborhoods, the need is still critical, but last month, 50 families received help that will get them back in their homes.

A volunteer team from Rebuilding Together South Sound traveled to New Orleans from August 24-29 to participate in Fifty for Five, a work week commemorating the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Our wonderful volunteers took on two houses in the Gentilly neighborhood of New Orleans. Our team braved the sweltering Louisiana heat and torrential downpours to accomplish as much as they could in 4 days of work. One house received a fresh paint job and a new fence, and another house needed to be entirely re-framed to ensure that it is structurally sound.


Volunteers included: Carol Ellis is a board member and spends her time helping our House Selection Committee. Duane Ellis from D.R. Ellis, LLC is a wonderful first-time house captain.


It takes a very devoted volunteer to take 6 days out of their busy schedule and travel across the country to participate in a week of hard work, in addition to all the amazing help they give us normally. But 6 of our wonderful volunteers stepped up and did just that.


For more information check out: Rebuilding Together South Sound,  253-238-0977,



Here are Ray & Yoli Pardo, Betty & Rob Pardo, and Bill Chinn with a copy of
Randall Stickrod's new book.


Gary Last and his travels: The Crested Butte photo and the New Mexico State Line photo were both
taken on a 5,300 mile ride from Orlando across the Gulf coast states, Texas, New Mexico, north
through the Rockies and back across the plains on what was left of old Route 66.


Chase Osborne escorts his daughter Ally at the rehearsal
for her wedding in Sayulita Mexico


               Denny and Marilyn Randall in Chile 2009                               Adrian and Shinobu Christmas 2009


On 1st October, 2009 Shinobu and I (Adrian Dawson) were married in Hong Kong and enjoyed two days of partying with families and friends from UK, Japan, HK etc etc. The reception and ceremony were outdoors at my Club followed by dinner for 80 guests. I attach a few pictures but, in time, will send you a website where you can view an album of photos.




Mike and Randi Goodrich, Dan and Betsy Patterson in the Patterson's backyard.     Randi Goodrich, Dan and Betsy Patterson 9/13/09

Mike Soller, Dave and Zo Meldrum in Soller's back yard
(Thanks Dianna (Marletto) Soller for taking the pictures.

Mike Goodrich, Mike Soller and Dave Meldrum


Dave and Zo Meldrum in Soller's back yard


              Tom and Lita Grigg and Adrian Dawson                               Tom and Lita Grigg, Adrian Dawson & fiancé Shinobu


Tom and Lita (Schiel) Grigg


    Bob and Sheryl Chase













A group of girls gathered in Millennium Park
to chat and catch up. Note the candy necklaces everyone is wearing.


Front Row: Julie West, Gina Almquist,
Terri Wahlberg, Lita Schiel, Diane Doyle,
Carol Rolfe


Back Row: Sharon Spears, Shari Waffle,

Barbara Terry, Lisa Torp




An evening out on the Lake August 2009
Gayle Frey, Carol Rolfe, Shari Waffle, Julie West, Lita Schiel, Gina Almquist


A new annual award, the Outstanding Motorcycle of the Show.  Pam 
Berentson presented the award in memory of her late husband David 
Berentson, an OHC board member and motorcycle enthusiast.



Gary and Elaine Lord next to their '53 Chris Craft named "That's It".  Congratulations Gary and Elaine
on being the winners of "Distinguished Sponsor" (wooden boats)


     Tom & Joan Peterson Crusing 2009

Fort Ord Basic Training. Can you spot Bob Riggs? 
Bob Riggs with the fish that didn't get away!





 Southern California Reunion 5/16/09 at Mark and Gayle Frey Welsh's home

Top Row:  Lita Schiel Grigg, Tom Grigg, Birdie Kling Warren,
Bill Bowling, Doug Honeyman, Bob Chase, John Larson
Bottom Row:  Merry Shaunessey, Emily Gorman Hutchinson,
Gayle Frey Welsh, Barb Chase Bonner, Dick Warren

 Dick Warren and Tim Bonner

                         Gayle and Bill  Bowling
 Emily Gorman Hutchinson, Bill, Lita, Mark Welsh
                                     Merry Shaunessey

Birdie Kling Warren

             Barb Chase Bonner and Mike Miller 

Adrian Dawson and Bill Bowling in Hong Kong March 26, 2009
Terry Dahlquist and his 8 month old Grandson Lincoln March'09
This picture of Denny Randall was taken in February 2009 in Costa Rica. Yes, he is still crazy!  
I went with him but it took a lot of courage for me to go on a zipline the traditional way.
Marilyn McCormick-Randall
Sophie Parker Born 12-24-08
Beckie Robins Parkers Daughter and Granddaughter Halloween 2008
Beckie Robins Parker and Judy Vanebo McGuire in India


Gayle and Mark Welsh in Quebec October 2008



Adrian and Shinobu in Hong Kong Christmas 2008



Lunch at St. Honore Boulangerie, Lake Oswego, OR  12/19/08 with:
L to R: Mike & Randi Mimnaugh Goodrich, Dan and Betsy Levy Patterson
Betsy's Mom Ginny Ricketts is in front.


Beckie Robins Parker Christmas picture with Granddaughters 2008












Judy Lee Huntera
June 2008 in Bend, OR






Marilyn McCormick-Randall and Denny Randall


Dick and Birdie--love birds dancing by the ocean in Mexico!


Just Married: Dave Powers and Christi Delano
May 27, 2007 in Kansas


Gayle Frey Welsh & Mark taken spring 2007
in San Clemente, CA


Pat McGuire at the Irish Open 2007


 Donna Schaefer and family...which one is Donna?


Dennis and Lesley Petrequin 10th anniversary


Becky Robins Parker, Timmy Palmer Lumby, and Julie West Oliver
at Becky's son's April 2007 wedding 


JUST MARRIED: Tom Grigg '61 and Lita Schiel '62 

                       Lita Schiel and Tom Grigg 1959                               on April 13, 2007 in Santa Inez, CA





A Merry Christmas to the Class of '62 from the Wolfe Family!

Pictured: Skipper and Clipper; Duchess and Britni; Suzi and Peter

Not pictured:
Cats: Smokey, Corky, Oil Pan and Toaster;
Skunks: Windy, Precious, Zig, Zag, Becky, Shortcake, Oreo, Hans, Hansel,
Hari and Cari, River, Hennie, and Thumper!!!!

Best Wishes for the Holidays and a great 2008 !!!!!

Suzi DuVall Wolfe









Mike Goodrich at Falconer Wedding July 2006


Adrian Dawson and Mike Goodrich London Summer 2006 


The Beach (Spring of '06):  (Left to Right) Beckie (Robins) Parker, Lisa (Torp) O’Rourke, Randi (Mimnaugh) Goodrich,

Julie (West) Oliver, Judy (Vanebo) McGuire, Timmy (Palmer) Lumby, Diane (Didi Doyle) Stites


Randall and Catherine Stickrod August 2006 in Lake Oswego


Dan and Betsy (Levy) Patterson (July 2006)
Adrian Dawson and Shinobu 2006
Ray and Yoli Parker Pardo
Jim and Cheryl Settergren West

Tim and Melinda Minor
Rigg and Sandie Christianson


This is a picture of us in Tanzania, Africa last Feb. See the hippo's
in the background? Too cool.Cheryl (Mueller) and Doyle Thomas